Monday, October 19, 2009

Pack a Lunch!

Pack a lunch. If you purchase your lunch each day chances are, it is not very healthy and if it is…it is costing you a pretty penny. Think about it – avg $10/day for lunch, where if you made it at home it might cost about $3 or even better if you brought leftovers – cost $1. This can add up very quickly $7 savings per day ($10 - $3) times 5 days/wk = $35 x 4 wks /month = $140 per month just for lunch!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gas Prices are Soaring!!

Walk! These day gas prices are skyrocketing. This is sort of a hidden expense as we don’t think about that quick trip to the store, or the quick trip to school back and forth everyday as costing much money. Trust me – these little trips add up quickly and are a direct cost to you each time. Walk your kids to school everyday, walk to the store that’s just a couple blocks away to pick up the milk. This will save you money and has the added bonus of taking off those inches too!